Who Will Power South Carolina’s Future?

There are important decisions brewing that will determine the future of clean energy in South Carolina.  You have the chance to turn the tables in favor of clean energy. 



uPowerSC is a statewide, grassroots initiative to educate and engage citizens in a meaningful way about who the Public Service Commission (PSC) is, what this unelected Commission does, and how their decisions affect the future of clean energy in the Palmetto State. 

uPowerSC seeks to make your voice heard in the debate about South Carolina’s clean energy future. If you care about solar energy growth, clean energy jobs, or lower energy rates for all South Carolinians, you have a stake in the decisions made by the Public Service Commission (PSC).



 Why Now? 


South Carolina is at a clean energy crossroads. The 2019 SC Energy Freedom Act was supposed to introduce competition into our energy marketplace, allowing clean energy options to compete with the fossil fuel focused utility monopolies – growing solar energy, creating clean energy jobs, and lowering bills for all ratepayers.

But it did this by directing the SC Public Service Commission, a quasi-judicial body selected by the SC General Assembly, to make a number of rulings about solar rates, solar contract lengths, consumer protections, and a whole host of other clean energy issues.

“Every clean energy advancement in South Carolina rests in the hands of 7 Commissioners. We have to hold them accountable.”

And that’s worrisome because the PSC has been criticized as being too “utility-friendly” by the legislature to large corporate and industrial energy users, to solar advocates and conservation organizations.

That’s where you come in.

uPowerSC is building an army of folks who care about the future of energy in South Carolina and giving them the tools, information, and resources to let the Public Service Commission and the General Assembly know we’re watching these decisions.

So sign up today to be a part of uPowerSC and help us hold the PSC accountable as we fight to advance a clean energy future in the Palmetto State.


 Will You Power SC’s  Future?